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The Bug Farm
San Rafael, CA 94903  USA

2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, J.Atchison

The Bug Farm grows Grindal worms, Fruit Flies, Microworms and more!

What started as a small project to grow some Grindal worms that were given to us for our Killifish has grown into a Farm that produces something on the order of a dozen different types of foods for fish, birds, herps, frogs, and toads.

Our pastures are some of the richest available, a fact that does not escape the flowers in our flower beds when we make new pastures available. We mix custom blends of potting soil and peat moss, buy the finest oatmeal and yeast and use only premium Fuji apples for foods. Our livestock are taken care of with the same sort of respect that one might give to prize winning cattle or a Kentucky derby champion (oK, so maybe not). We invest a great deal of effort to produce bountiful harvests of worms, nematodes, maggots and beetles.

The farm consists of dozens pastures. Total land mass is probably on the order of 1/500th of an acre. In that massive space we cultivate thousands of animals...well the critters on the farm are pretty small...Grindal worms standing at stud are probably only about 5/8 inch Every morning I climb into Chucks* and saunter out to survey the farm...Chucks and I are old friends and have been together for a long time.

Like larger farms, we tend our flocks and herds each day. Attention must be given to some animals twice a day, some only once but some sort of attention must be given to our various farm compounds every day. Our future as a farm depends on our ability to sustain the health and viability of our livestock. We are a pesticide free organization...we've asked about becoming a certified organic farm, but we got one of those patented..."You want to do what?" answers.

Our friends think what we do is funny. The Postal people don't ask what's in the boxes anymore...that is until there is a long line behind us...and then they they love to ask how the maggots are doing. At least the people behind us back up a step or two. One day while in the PO, the FedEx driver came in and seeing Jim, declared, "Bug Man."

The Bug Farm is a part of High Prairie Farms, a business we have owned for a number of years.

We thank you for your support through The Bug Farm.

"We grow food not bait"

* Chucks are my Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars tennis shoes...I have 16 pairs or so (including patent leather)...I collect them.


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