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Fruit Flies

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The Bug Farm
San Rafael, CA 94903  USA

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The Bug Farm grows Grindal worms, Fruit Flies, Microworms and more!

"My order and aquabid wins came today. I couldn't be happier with both the service and packaging, and did I mention what great service =:~). It is so wonderful to have such a resource as you guys for us newby's to feel confident to look to for help. Again, Thank You!!!!- Karen"

"Very professional and helpful." 

"I might as well buy everything from Jim"

"My son is just a wonderful young man - Mom"

"Personable and prompt! A seller I would recommend!"

"Very nice cultures, arrived in excellent condition."

"Great Service,Fast delivery, Exellant instructions"

"Great person to do business with."

"Fast shipping, great culture instructions"

"Large, clean, healthy beetle culture. Professional quality"

"excellent communication and fast shipping"

"More than live foods-NECTAR OF THE GODS!!!!!"

" always nice doing buisness with you...your cultures bring out the best in all 50 of my bettas...and helped me raise fry already!! You rock!!"

"THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I sent my guppies with the breather bags and sent them priority mail, which should have taken 2 days! Well, they arrived today, 8 DAYS later, and all but one(she was older, probably died from the stress) are alive and well JUST because of the bags! That is incredible!!! THANK YOU! I am so glad that I bought your bags, and I will definitely buy more in a few weeks! Thanks again, "

Hey, even my mother likes me! Mistakes do happen from time to time but we make the effort to "make it right." It's really very simple.

"We grow food not bait"


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